Flower of the Day: White

Cee's Photography: Flower of the day Cosmo Queen's Lace Snapdragon Rose

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family corners

Corner I like this corner of my machine shed because in the middle you can see a slight tear...grandpa hit it with the combine! My great grandpa built this and the corners are simple.  This was back when a 2x4 was real dimensions. Corner of the work bench my father made when he was 18.

Watch the wing….

Unfurl Every time my husband would say, "I want to go flying with the paraglider and I need you to pull me up", I would get anxious.  When he decides to go paragliding, I use our Jeep to pull him up.  Yes, he is connected to the Jeep by a thin line that is connected … Continue reading Watch the wing….

Woody stripes

Grainy Some wood has a grainy appearance and can be used for different applications.  Like this rough siding.... or smooth handrails....   or old wood that has achieved greater character through the years...   to the floor boards of a kitchen. The wood grain add character to each board that is used and when assembled … Continue reading Woody stripes

Just some oddities!

  Cee's Odd Ball Challenge I found a few pictures that really don't fit anywhere so I thought this was a perfect place! For some reason I just thought this fire hydrant was lonely so I gave it some attention by taking its picture! This picture was a sneaky locust that climbed on my foot … Continue reading Just some oddities!