The photo challenge for this week is weathered.

The wood shows years of being weathered from being outside.  This door was used in our corn crib to  remove ears of corn to feed the cattle.




The walkway also shows wear and tear but the flowers growing over it indicates a new purpose for the aging wood.


white fall flowers on walk2

Even these rocks show wear from water running through them, although it was dry when I took this picture.  So you will just have to use your imagination!


Which Way Challenge

My photos are in response to Cee’s Which Way Challenge.


The path to the ocean in Costa Rica.


A walkway along the Illinois River.


A ride in the country.



Weekly Photo Challenge is growth.

Last spring I purchased a potato vine for one of my outdoor planters.  I love potato vines!  They come in different shapes and colors but my favorite is the lime green and black vines.  They are perfect for the overflowing look but can still add just a touch of color.

Last fall I decided I was going to try and bring one inside and see if it would survive until time to replant it in the spring,  My daughter, who loves and works with plants, said to just put it in a container of water…..right I thought.  But I did and to my surprise the container is now full of roots showing new growth!  I was so excited that I didn’t kill it.  Now I just have to wait until spring so I can put it back outside into my container!




Are you brave enough to touch it?  Up close a cactus looks like a bunch of flowers on a stem, soft and inviting.  I would touch it not knowing what it is, but when someone says it is a cactus…well never mind!

IMG_3021 (2)


Yep it’s risky!


I took some photos of my husband hang gliding and as I look at them I see risky written all over them!  I have written before about his flying but I realize now how risky it is for me to take the pictures!

Hang Gliding

To get good shots I’d have to lay on the ground and the tow plane would travel right by me…hmmm not ready for that yet!  I also want to get aerial shots so I’ll need to go up in one of the tow planes, which have no doors and are totally open to the environment.  Ok that I can do!


Next flying season I’ll just have to do both!  I’m just so fascinated by hang gliders and the guts the pilots have I guess it will be my turn to just do it!




The loyality of an animal is pure and intentional.  Jax is half Labrador and half Weimaraner and my husband took him in when he was about a year old.  Of course, Weimaraners are high strung so it takes a special person to have patients as he went through his puppy phase.  When he got him the previous owners left him in a crate all day and very rarely let him out.  Thank goodness they had enough and his doors opened wide to welcome Jax.  Soon we were married and my husband and Jax moved to the country.  He was the happiest I had ever seen him, so much room to run and a lake he could swim in.

He is 8 years old now and is a calmer, older dog but wherever I go he is by my side.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been diagnosed with Diffuse Systemic Scleroderma.  There are times that it is a challenge coming down the stairs in the morning, and one morning I found out how loyal he really was.

I started going down the stairs and my legs were stiff so I made a loud thud when my foot hit the top of stair.  I started to fall forward and went to grab the handrail but my hands have a hard time gripping the railing.  I look down and there was Jax.  He heard me fumbling and came to my aid and I grabbed him.  He stopped my fall.  He stayed next to me as we went down each step and once I was on the floor…he took off lol!  He did his job.

Animals are amazing, they sense when you need help without evening saying a word.  This is Jax, look at his face!  So cute and loyal.



Costa Rica part II

I just got back from Costa Rica but this time we took my girls with us.  Once again I had a great time!  The good news on this trip was my oldest daughter speaks Spanish so that helped a bunch!  The people there are so nice and most speak English but it is nice to communicate in their native language!

We rented a car this time and had to figure out how to drive 40 miles to the rented house.  Fairly easy but we did learn they don’t follow the US driving codes!  The roads were paved for the most part but there were gravel roads with major potholes so it was an amusement ride in addition to driving!

So I took pictures of course!

I loved the shape of this tree so we stopped so I could get a picture, of course don’t forget the cow!

We were here in January and the one thing I noticed was the color of the sand had changed. I was told by a local lady that the black sand was volcanic ash and it gets washed ashore in the fall because of the change of the current. The tan sand is in the spring..never considered that! Another awesome tid bit about this place!

Of course the local wildlife was everywhere!

In my previous Costa Rica blog I had mentioned I found an incredibly scary creature…well I found another one!

Of course you can’t forget sunsets and scenery!!!

We made it back and as I sit here and look at the pictures I can’t wait until we go back again!


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