About Me

I’m married to a wonderful man who has supported every new adventure this life has given me.  I have two beautiful daughters who light up my day and I enjoy watching them become independent young women.

I received a Bachelor in Science in Environmental Health and Safety with a minor in Chemistry from Illinois State University and a Master in Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Science from University of Illinois. I have worked in the water industry for over 15 years and I am passionate about the environmental aspects of our  water systems and the potential degradation occurring.

I also have been diagnosed with Scleroderma, so I begin my blogging adventure.  I have no exact course of where my blogging will go but I enjoy writing.  My adventures, because my husband and I plan on traveling while I still can and we are quite the hilarious couple, so we have been told!  I’m a positive person and I look for the best in every situation and I now have the option of doing what I want instead of what I have to do….life simply said.