Costa Rica part II

I just got back from Costa Rica but this time we took my girls with us.  Once again I had a great time!  The good news on this trip was my oldest daughter speaks Spanish so that helped a bunch!  The people there are so nice and most speak English but it is nice to communicate in their native language!

We rented a car this time and had to figure out how to drive 40 miles to the rented house.  Fairly easy but we did learn they don’t follow the US driving codes!  The roads were paved for the most part but there were gravel roads with major potholes so it was an amusement ride in addition to driving!

So I took pictures of course!

I loved the shape of this tree so we stopped so I could get a picture, of course don’t forget the cow!

We were here in January and the one thing I noticed was the color of the sand had changed. I was told by a local lady that the black sand was volcanic ash and it gets washed ashore in the fall because of the change of the current. The tan sand is in the spring..never considered that! Another awesome tid bit about this place!

Of course the local wildlife was everywhere!

In my previous Costa Rica blog I had mentioned I found an incredibly scary creature…well I found another one!

Of course you can’t forget sunsets and scenery!!!

We made it back and as I sit here and look at the pictures I can’t wait until we go back again!


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