Just some oddities!

  Cee's Odd Ball Challenge I found a few pictures that really don't fit anywhere so I thought this was a perfect place! For some reason I just thought this fire hydrant was lonely so I gave it some attention by taking its picture! This picture was a sneaky locust that climbed on my foot … Continue reading Just some oddities!


My black and white photo's for Cee's black and white photo challenge.  I took the picture of the bridge and of course a shadow from my finger was in the corner.  But! You can't tell in black and white!!      

To prickle or not…

Prickle There are many things around my house that look deceiving on whether or not it will prick you if you touch it. A cactus... a rose thorn.. leaves from the cedar tree... or this fuzzy foxtail that is soft one way or prickly if rubbed the wrong way! So..to be prickled or not to … Continue reading To prickle or not…

Catch the sun

Glaring The glaring sun shining through the trees this morning, reminds me of when I used to play softball. Back then (not to long ago!), I wasn't allowed to wear sunglasses because the coach was afraid I would catch a ball in my face and break the glasses.  I can honestly say, that never happened! Coach … Continue reading Catch the sun

Around and around

Carousel As a child, I enjoyed going to the county fair.  I would run to the carousel and stand in line, looking at all the horses and trying to decide which one I wanted to ride.  I remember sitting on a white horse that had a colorful bridle and looked like it was about to … Continue reading Around and around

Slow down and enjoy the view!

Amble As I amble along the sidewalks of Brussels, Belgium I try to pay close attention to my local surroundings.  The thousand year old city has beautiful architecture buildings and cobblestone streets that set the scene of an old life. My husband and I stayed in a hotel a couple blocks from the square so everyday … Continue reading Slow down and enjoy the view!

What the heck….?

Foggy   I love coffee!  I usually purchase coffee beans and grind them myself.   I do purchase coffee from the grocery store as a back up in case I run out.  A few weeks ago, I was in the coffee aisle and thought I'd better grab some coffee as my super secret stash was … Continue reading What the heck….?