Catch the sun


The glaring sun shining through the trees this morning, reminds me of when I used to play softball.


Back then (not to long ago!), I wasn’t allowed to wear sunglasses because the coach was afraid I would catch a ball in my face and break the glasses.  I can honestly say, that never happened!

Coach always said “catch the sun” when a high fly made me look up at the sky and get blinded from the sun.  I used to fight the tears and pain from looking up because there was no way I was going to let any ball hit the ground.  I played left and center field and back then, I was pretty good!  Once I got on varsity I played first base, I was still told to catch the sun.

I found my old softball glove and went out today and took a picture of me “catching the sun”.  My fingers no longer stretch out, thanks so my Scleroderma hands, but finally I was able to slide my hand in.  Feels good to put it on again!


I miss those days.  My daughter followed in my footsteps and played softball and I loved to watch her play.  Catch the sun, I would tell her, catch the sun!


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