What the heck….?



I love coffee!  I usually purchase coffee beans and grind them myself.   I do purchase coffee from the grocery store as a back up in case I run out.  A few weeks ago, I was in the coffee aisle and thought I’d better grab some coffee as my super secret stash was running low.

Well, I of course misjudged my supply and needed my backup coffee.  I noticed the next morning when I went to dump the used grinds…there wasn’t any!  Great, I thought, they must be in my coffee pot.  Nope.  What?  Where did the grinds go??  I like to keep the used coffee grinds for my acid loving plants and flowers so I tend to pay attention to the filter.

I tried it again that night (since I still haven’t gotten any coffee beans!).  The next morning the same thing….so I was convinced I’m a magician!

I looked at the coffee container…can you see it?


INSTANT!!! Dang, I was hoping I was magic, but that explains why there were no grinds!  I must of had a foggy brain when I bought it and didn’t even realize I had grabbed instant on accident!  I don’t like instant, but I can say I do like this one!  I figured it tasted different because I was used to my other brand.  At least I know in case of an emergency, I can definitely drink this!




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