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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family corners

Corner I like this corner of my machine shed because in the middle you can see a slight tear...grandpa hit it with the combine! My great grandpa built this and the corners are simple.  This was back when a 2x4 was real dimensions. Corner of the work bench my father made when he was 18.

Magnetic to bugs!

Magnetic My poor trees seem to be magnetic towards pests.  My beloved elm is has the Emerald Ash Bore which bores into the veins of a tree and slowly interrupt the flow of nutrients to the tree.  My youngest daughter lived in this tree growing up and I'm sad to see it go. The apple … Continue reading Magnetic to bugs!

Learn from science

 HomageThe current administration in the US has decided to down play science and silence those who have the knowledge to make this world a better place.  We learn from science everyday and those who spend their lifetime doing research, shouldn't be silenced just because it doesn't fit into an agenda.  We all have our views … Continue reading Learn from science

I’ll leave the weeds….

Solitary I was watering my flowers and decided to pull a few weeds out of my flower basket. As I watered I saw movement out of the corner of my eye.... A solitary frog had made his home in the dead weeds in my basket!  He hopped out when I pulled a weed and he was a … Continue reading I’ll leave the weeds….

Watch the wing….

Unfurl Every time my husband would say, "I want to go flying with the paraglider and I need you to pull me up", I would get anxious.  When he decides to go paragliding, I use our Jeep to pull him up.  Yes, he is connected to the Jeep by a thin line that is connected … Continue reading Watch the wing….

Woody stripes

Grainy Some wood has a grainy appearance and can be used for different applications.  Like this rough siding.... or smooth handrails....   or old wood that has achieved greater character through the years...   to the floor boards of a kitchen. The wood grain add character to each board that is used and when assembled … Continue reading Woody stripes

Silly bacteria

Willy-nillyI took this picture a while ago and for some reason I just liked the colors and variations of sizes.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get a clearer picture!  Some bacteria emit different colors when exposed to the different wavelengths of light.  These silly bacteria are quite willy-nilly and make it difficult to identify!