Why keep flying?

Disastrous In a previous blog, I mentioned my husband is a hang glider pilot.  Last week we again took off to the airport.  The weather was beautiful, everyone was excited and in a good mood.  Some were talking about going cross country, while others just hoped for a long, quiet and relaxing flight. His first … Continue reading Why keep flying?


Soil Rich, black soil is the bloodline for plants, trees, earthworms and many other creatures that survive in an abiotic condition with its surroundings.  The amazing properties of this porous substance hold life in its grip. The filterer of deposits from the atmosphere and the purifier of water as it percolates down through the dirt and … Continue reading Bloodline

A green thumb

Tailor Need your yard tailor made to you?  Growing up, these trees were not there and I used to ride my dirt bike around the yard.  Just one of many reasons I loved growing up on a farm, lots of land!  Before I graduated high school my dad and I planted 500 spruce trees (yes … Continue reading A green thumb

Hidden Annoyance aka a weed!

Bury Can you see me? Of course not! I cleverly conceal myself among the flowers to hide my true devious intent.  I'm here to take water, sun and nutrients away from my surrounding neighbors.  I slowly suffocate them until I'm the only survivor!  You know, the Darwinian theory "survival of the fittest", well that is … Continue reading Hidden Annoyance aka a weed!

To be gritty or not

Grit Grit As I mentioned in previous blogs, I live in my great-grandparents farm house.  One of the first things I did was to rip up all the carpet and the kitchen flooring.  I knew there was a nice wood floor under it all because I remembered it as a child. The kitchen floor I … Continue reading To be gritty or not

My daughters

Caper I miss them.  Children grow up and go out on their own like I did...but I miss them.  The capers we had are lodged in my memory and with all this extra time I have, I find myself sitting on their beds in their rooms and reminiscing. Volleyball, track, softball and cross country took over … Continue reading My daughters

The quill…

Quill The quill was a simplistic but powerful tool.  For generations before us their imprint of ink on parchment paper teaches us about the past. With the stroke of the hand, new ideas were written with the hope of future generations to create an evolution of change.  We learned about species diversity from Charles Darwin, … Continue reading The quill…

Just fly….

Tether Tethered to the plane, my husband slowly rises into the beautiful blue sky, full of white downy clouds.  He is filled with anticipation in reaching his ultimate goal of finding hidden lift under the cloud base.  The lift is just waiting for him to use like the circling birds he flies with.  Hanggliding is … Continue reading Just fly….