Tea Time


Those words remind me of my dad.  We would be working outside and instead of saying “break time” he would say “tea time”.  We would go inside and pour a nice cold glass of iced tea, sit down and have a snack.  Glass was our favorite cup instead of plastic since I was young, dad always said it tasted so much better.  I still use glass to this day, I love to have many different shapes and sizes of glasses.  I tend to break them easily now since my hands don’t work the way they should, but that just gives me an excuse to buy more!

My great aunt would always make tea when I would visit.  She was 92 when she passed and I have the last tea cup that she used.  “What flavor tea do you want”, she would always ask as she reached for the wooden box she kept the tea bags in.  I’m not much for flavor I just like good ole black tea.  I was always so nervous about using her china, but she always said a broken cup was a memory.

Iced tea or hot tea has always been a favorite growing up.  Even now I still chose tea over pop or other sugary drinks.  There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea in the winter and a cool glass of iced tea in the summer!


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