Why keep flying?


In a previous blog, I mentioned my husband is a hang glider pilot.  Last week we again took off to the airport.  The weather was beautiful, everyone was excited and in a good mood.  Some were talking about going cross country, while others just hoped for a long, quiet and relaxing flight.

His first flight went fine he didn’t stay up long so, of course he wanted to go again. Second flight was better he was up for about 45 minutes…the landing that was a different story.

I watched him line up on the grassy runway, into the wind.  He began his decent and then flared the control arm to land. As he touched the ground, a rogue gust of wind came out of no where, tossed his glider and down he went.  I remember seeing his glider go flat…no movement.  I started walking a little faster…still no movement.  I took off running and as I got closer I could him talking to the other pilots.  He was pinned in the glider so he couldn’t unhook himself.  Once he was unhooked he crawled out and looked at me and said, honey I’m going to need stitches!  I looked at his arm there was a deep cut on his forearm from the guide wire cutting into it as he hit the ground.  I put my trembling hands on his face and gave him a kiss.  I then said, you made me run for that?  Buck up! I was so thankful that the crash wasn’t as disastrous as I had feared.  Five stitches later we were back with the other pilots laughing and having a great time, at my husbands expense of course!

We have a wonderful relationship, we joke and make fun of each other.  Most people ask why do you keep letting him fly?  He has had one life threatening crash and another one in which he broke his arm.  He has been flying for over 40 years I would never ask him to stop doing what he loves!  I would never ask him to change who he is.


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