A green thumb


Need your yard tailor made to you?  Growing up, these trees were not there and I used to ride my dirt bike around the yard.  Just one of many reasons I loved growing up on a farm, lots of land!  Before I graduated high school my dad and I planted 500 spruce trees (yes 500!!)  I’d have to get water from the well and water them,, I used a coffee can and a 5 gallon bucket!  Eventually he gave most away but he still has quit a few left.  What do you do when your kids are gone?  Plant flowers!


The flowers in this picture are petunias that my dad starting planting to tailor the yard to his liking instead of mine.  They are an annual flower that bloom for the season and won’t return the following year so you have to replant every spring.  Unless you are my dad, who has the green thumb.  All these flowers come back year after year and multiply like crazy, I have never seen anything like it!  I may have one or two that may merge, but the four trees with the round landscape of petunias started with 12 flowers around each.  He said the more flowers there are, the less he has to mow!  Retired folks!

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