To be gritty or not



As I mentioned in previous blogs, I live in my great-grandparents farm house.  One of the first things I did was to rip up all the carpet and the kitchen flooring.  I knew there was a nice wood floor under it all because I remembered it as a child.

The kitchen floor I had no choice but to rent a floor sander because it really needed a lot of tender loving care!  The rest of the floors were in really good condition for being over 100 years old!  The front room had a surprise just waiting for me and in deed, I needed an explanation!

There in the center of the room, was a perfect rectangle with a different shade from the edges…odd?  I asked my grandmother about it and she laughed!  They used a wax bar to help seal the wood and she hated waxing the floor (don’t we all!).  She said when she and her sister were supposed to wax the floor they never removed the old rug that was in the center…hence the perfect rectangle!! Like most kids they just wanted to go outside and play.

I decided not to use the floor sander so I used my handy dandy palm sander, this way I could control what the outcome was.  I chose 80 grit sandpaper then 120 grit to finish prior to sealing it.  I used clear polyurethane to preserve the colors.  I’m not a professional by any means but that didn’t bother me in the least.  I finished this floor as a reminder to me of my family history and I think it’s perfect and I love how it turned out!


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