Any way you want!……Cee’s Photo Challenge Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – July 28, 2017 These stairs have been in my family for almost 100 years.  Which way will you go? My mother's barn with a beautiful entrance and a warm and welcoming pathway. The "motor-cross track" my nephew made during the hundreds of trips through the woods he made on … Continue reading Any way you want!……Cee’s Photo Challenge

Please, feed the fish!

Shallow Water that is shallow and clear, allows us to view what lives underneath.  This small pond is so clear, that I was actually able to take a picture of the fish that came to see what was going on!  I didn't feed them but others have and they love it! People can be shallow and … Continue reading Please, feed the fish!

Oh Boy!!

Hidden Oh boy, oh boy oh boy!!  Hidden among the green leaves of my dads tomato plant is the first red, ripe juicy tomato of the year!  This year has been a challenge since I've been sick, I can no longer take care of a garden so dad planted an extra one for me.  I'll … Continue reading Oh Boy!!


Flower of the Day – July 27, 2017; Cee's Photography... I have three different colored coneflowers.  I love how they fill in spots throughout my flower garden with color.  The pink in this flower is so vibrant I couldn't help but take a picture!!  

Numbers around the house: Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Numbers: Anything with Numbers on It

The first photo is my daughters kitten playing in her dresser and the second picture is my kitchen clock, which I love.  I love the image of my front door in the bottom, makes it look like it's a actually in the clock!

Place with a View

Satisfaction Early in the morning, I get my cup of coffee, notebook and pen then head out to sit on my porch.  I love the view!  The trees and flowers give a natural setting to relax and let my brain wonder.  I can see the cardinals, finches and blue jays eating from the bird feeders.  … Continue reading Place with a View

Tea Time

Tea Those words remind me of my dad.  We would be working outside and instead of saying "break time" he would say "tea time".  We would go inside and pour a nice cold glass of iced tea, sit down and have a snack.  Glass was our favorite cup instead of plastic since I was young, … Continue reading Tea Time

Ecological Footprint

The term ecological footprint was introduced in detail by Mathis Wackernagel and William Rees Our Ecological Footprint: Reducing Human Impact on the Earth.  They use an equation to help determine our uses (natural resources, wastes) verses our available land needed to maintain our current levels of consumption of natural resources.  I am not a mathematician … Continue reading Ecological Footprint

So Long Suckers!

Lollipop My daughter graduated from college in May, she is officially a RN!  For her party, I took candy and made funny sayings to go with it.  I bought Smarties and labeled it “Smarty Pants”, gummy worms and labeled it “Bookworms”, candy rings and labeled it “Class Rings” and my favorite was the lollipops that … Continue reading So Long Suckers!

The dormant disease awakes….

Dormant This disease laid dormant for years, waiting.  Just like a seed waiting to grow when the conditions are right for life.  For years, it was there without my knowledge, without my permission. I got married young and had two kids.  Things didn't work out so we got divorced.  I found the love of my life … Continue reading The dormant disease awakes….