As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I live in my family home.  One of the stories my great grandmother would tell me was of her mother’s peonies.

When she first moved into this house, one of the many things she missed from home (she grew up only 5 miles from here) was the early signs of spring and the wonderful fragrance of the peonies.  Her mother dug some up from the family farm and they planted them in the front yard so she could always see them.

In the early winter of 1980, my great grandmother passed away.  Her passing was hard but the devastating part was some family members came in the spring and dug up her peonies.  The beautiful line that she worked so hard to preserve was gone except for a few pathetic patches.

Once I moved in, I felt I owed it to her to reclaim the flowers she enjoyed so much.  After many years the small, rundown pieces that resembled a bush came back with lots of new blooms and of course the fragrance that I missed.


Every spring I am relieved when I once again, get to see the 100 year old peonies open and share their scent and color to my yard!

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