Costa Rica…..simple life with a big impact

My husband and I recently visited Costa Rica and I can say I absolutely loved it!  The lifestyle is so simple but yet very rewarding that you can’t help wonder why would you ever leave?



The wild life is always at your feet….yes that was the shower!

(Sorry about quality of the picture I took a video of my shower buddies but I was laughing hysterically and figured no one would want to hear my cackle!)

Or at your head….

Life is everywhere and no one is in a hurry, time is told by the sun, roar of the waves and where the tide is!

We went on a canoe trip through the estuary of Las Baulas National Marine Park where we saw howling monkeys, crocodiles, a wide variety of birds such as herons and parrots and of course lots more of my shower buddies!  We even had the opportunity to see a Leatherback turtle lay eggs on the beach, that experience was incredible!

I found this ferocious cat that climbed up on my lap to take a nap!

The views were beautiful with vibrant colors but that wasn’t what I left thinking about…it was the simple life they lead.  Conservation is a high priority in Playa Grande and it shows.  Mopeds, small vehicles and bicycles are the majority of what you would see and very rarely did I see a big SUV.  There were “conserve water” signs throughout the area to remind us to only use what we needed and water from the sinks and showers were used for irrigation of plants and flowers used as decorations.

When you went to a restaurant and ordered an item they were out of, no one complained they just picked something else.  They would only prepare limited quantities so food waste was low therefore reducing their overall waste, this was their normal.

The houses were very simplistic along with lifestyles.  In this area, they were relaxed and very laid back something my husband and I were not use to!

The biggest excluded part of the landscape of Playa Grande was ocean view homes or hotels.  On the northern tip there were a few houses then nothing until you reached the southern tip where Tamarindo is.  Why?  Because that area has been set up as a natural park and the rules are strict to protect the Leatherback turtles which are on the endangered species list. Lights interfere with the natural progression of the babies to use moonlight to head to the ocean if there were lights they would head towards the light and perish.  The nesting period is from October 15 – February 15 and the beach closes at 6:00 pm during this time to allow the turtles to nest.  To find out more about Leatherback turtles visit

I’ll leave you with this…Leatherback turtle are endangered because of several reasons.  People dig up the eggs for delicacies or other animals eat them but one reason that we as humans have contributed to this demise is pollution.  The turtles teeth are naturally inverted and look more like spears than teeth. One of the diets of a Leatherback is jellyfish and the backwards teeth help keep the jellyfish from flowing back out.  In the water, they don’t know the difference between a jellyfish or a plastic bag.  When they consume a plastic bag they can’t get rid of it so they suffocate and die. The ocean shouldn’t be used as garbage dump we should keep our waterways clean.

In order to keep a balance between nature and humans, we need to lead a simpler life by using less to keep our ecological impact low.

Thank you for reading this and constructive comments are always welcome!

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