Circle of our past

Wheel This old tire was once used on a tractor to plow fields, provide the extra hand needed around the farm and giving a smile of pride from doing a job well done. Now it represents the wheel of time, being abandoned like the past, waiting to be re-discovered with the lost memories being re-shared.  We … Continue reading Circle of our past

Paper via Daily Prompt: Paper Paper is used universally for many different purposes. Recycling paper can help in reducing our demand on our trees and maintaining our forests.  In return, the trees can help with their natural process of removing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Removing excess trees for paper products reduces our forests, natural … Continue reading


Relieved As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I live in my family home.  One of the stories my great grandmother would tell me was of her mother's peonies. When she first moved into this house, one of the many things she missed from home (she grew up only 5 miles from here) was the … Continue reading Relieved


Blossom The first thing I think of when I hear "blossom" was the TV sitcom starring Mayin Bialik who played Blossom (that makes me feel old!).  She later resurfaced as Sheldon Cooper's girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory, hilarious show! I noticed a new blossom on the sedum I planted.  I'm the … Continue reading Blossom

Costa Rica…..simple life with a big impact

My husband and I recently visited Costa Rica and I can say I absolutely loved it!  The lifestyle is so simple but yet very rewarding that you can't help wonder why would you ever leave? ​     ​ The wild life is always at your feet....yes that was the shower! (Sorry about quality of … Continue reading Costa Rica…..simple life with a big impact